How to Keep Your Employees Happy & Productive

Every successful business is propelled forwards by a productive and energetic workforce. That’s something you need to remember when you’re running your business. Here are some ways to keep your employees happy and productive for the good of your business.

Employees Recognise
Employees Recognise

Recognise & Reward Work

Simple things like thanking your employees and telling them that they’ve done well can make a huge difference to office morale. People want to feel like their contribution to the success of the business is appreciated by the boss. So, make an extra effort to show staff member that their work counts and that it’s appreciated.

It doesn’t take much to do this, and there are other things you can do as well. You could put a reward structure in place. This will mean that employees have targets and when they surpass them they get some kind of reward. This could be a cash reward or something else, it’s up to you.

Have a Strong HR Department

The HR department of a large or medium-sized business plays a vital role in the functioning of the business. It’s often this department that acts as the bridge between the boss and the employees, so you need to make sure your HR staff are competent. Peninsula HR consultants offer services to businesses if you need an upgrade in your HR department.

Make Employees More Productive
Make Employees More Productive

It’s the job of your human resources staff to make sure that work levels are monitored and feedback on work is delivered promptly. This feedback will effect the approach staff take to their work, so it needs to be delivered as frequently (and politely) as possible.

Don’t Act Like a Military Leader

Far too many business owners act more like military leaders than business leaders; don’t fall into this trap. Being strict and authoritarian does not work well in the office. It only reinforces a negative relationship between the workforce and the boss. And that’s not a good way to make employees more productive.

If you want to get the best out of your employees, you should take a calmer, more laid back approach. Your employees will be much more likely to respond positively to you and work hard for the business if you do that. I’m not saying you should be a pushover, and workplace rules are important, but the gentler approach usually works best.

Keep Your Employees Happy
Keep Your Employees Happy

Give Opportunities for Improvement & Promotion

Every workforce is comprised of lots of different types of people. And, as the boss, it’s your responsibility to tailor your approach to these different characters and personalities. Taking a single, blanket approach to your employees doesn’t work. Some need to be encouraged and others need to be left alone to get one with their work.

Some of your employees will be ambitious, and if you leave these employees to rot in a lowly position, they’ll quickly turn their attention elsewhere. To keep hold of these kinds of people, you’ll need to offer them the chance to improve themselves and show them that promotion is a possibility.

Your employees are the ones who you rely on every day, so make sure you keep them happy by using these ideas.