Saturday , 16 December 2017
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Step Aside Marketing: You’re Old News. Remarketing Is The New Kid On The Block

You might think that you’ve got your hands full, just with the demands that marketing currently places on your business. No doubt, you’ve got employees hired to do everything from manage social media to design new adverts.

Marketing gets a lot of attention, but remarketing doesn’t get nearly as much. It turns out that remarketing is very important for businesses. Customers often only make the decision to buy a product from you after being exposed to your advertising message ten or more times. That means that the key to a successful campaign is exposing customers to your message over and over again.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads

The best way to achieve this in the online world is through remarketing. Some customers will visit your site, but decide that this time around they don’t want to buy your product or download your brochure. Remarketing helps turn those customers into sales. It’s a gentle way of reminding users that they have been, at some point, interested in your product.

But not all companies get their remarketing right. Here are some tips to help you make the most of yours.

Showcase Different Product Categories

When a customer visits your site, it’s highly likely that they’re after something specific. They don’t want “clothes shop.” They want “women’s designer handbags.” As a result, it’s important that you create product-specific remarketing ads. These ads should depend on what parts of your site your customers visit. Those who visit the men’s shoes section should be remarketed about men’s shoes. Those who visit the lingerie section should be remarketed about lingerie. Resist the temptation to build generic remarketing ads.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Only Appeal To Visitors Who Didn’t Convert

As any reputable pay per click agency will tell you, you should only remarket to customers who didn’t convert. This means that you need to build two lists. On one list you have clients who bought your product. And on the other, you build a list of those that didn’t. Universities use this type of approach all the time. Often university sites get a lot of traffic. But because of the nature of conversions on those sites, many users bail before the conversion process is complete. Savvy universities have started remarketing to those who didn’t complete their conversions using remarketing. They’ve since seen an uptick in the numbers of people signing up to their programs.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Re-Engage With Customers Who Abandoned Their Carts

One of the most annoying things in the whole of ecommerce is when customers abandon their shopping carts. These customers were so close to making a purchase, and yet something stopped them right at the last minute.

The good news is that an abandoned shopping cart shows that a customer was interested in buying from you. This means that they are the perfect target for remarketing. Often a gentle nudge will be enough to provoke them to return to your site and complete the sale.

Make sure you segregate your abandoned carts customers into two groups. One group should contain all those that got to the shopping basket page, and the other those who got to the confirmation page, but bailed. Create specific ads to appeal to both of these groups.

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