3 Small Business Ideas That Sociable People Will Love

At some point or another, we’ve all found ourselves in need of a new challenge. Sometimes it’s because of a career setback, other times it’s because your role just isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be.

Regardless of what the cause of your need for a new challenge, when you need to try something new, it’s important to take a leap of faith. It might be scary leaving what you know behind for the unknown, but if you get it right, it might just be the best decision you’ve ever made.

The best option when it comes to setting yourself a new career challenge is, of course, launching a small business. It’s the ultimate challenge and the most amazing motivator, and if you get it right, it could set you up for life.

Small Business Ideas
Small Business Ideas

Below are three ideas that, although they’re best suited to sociable people, are ideal for anyone wanting to start a small business. Want to be your own boss and leave the nine till five grind? Then, these business ideas couldn’t be more perfect for you.

1. Join an MLM scheme

MLM scheme, what is that? An MLM scheme is a multi-level marketing scheme. These are a modern form of pyramid schemes but are actually a great way to earn. They involve a mixture of selling and building a team, which is where the great social skills come in. There are various companies, from beauty and makeup to interiors and dieting, to choose from. So whatever you’re into, there’s sure to be one that’s suitable for you.

Most MLM companies have a joining fee – this buys you the products and tools you need to get started. Think of it as an investment in your business. You earn from your sales, you get a bonus – a bit like commission, and you get paid for each team member you recruit. If you’re someone who can talk to anyone, this is the business option for you.

Start A Small Business
Start A Small Business

2. Start a club

MLM not for you – what about starting a club? From cooking clubs to ladies clubs, across the country, there are various activities on offer. If your local area is lacking a certain type of club, start your own. You can charge a small membership fee, run activities and classes, and hold events and days out.

Instead of starting your club from scratch, you could look into franchise opportunities. You’ll find that many clubs, from wine tasting to crocheting clubs, offer franchises. If you’re a real people person and love spending time with others, this could be the perfect business idea for you.

Business Planning
Business Planning

3. Become an event planner

Do you love a good party? Are you always coming up with fabulous ideas for events and celebrations? How about launching an event planning business? If you’re an organised individual with an aptitude for planning, event planning could be right up your street. It would take time to get your business’s name out there, but in the long-run it has fantastic potential for success.

Whether you choose to specialise in commercial events, parties, or weddings, it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re friendly, fun and creative, working in the events industry could be perfect for you.

Hopefully, the ideas in this post have resonated with you and given you something to aim for. Even if these businesses aren’t suited to you, they should have given you the mindset that anything is possible.