Nine Vital Steps To A Healthy And Motivated Workforce

As an employer or manager, it’s part of your duty to make sure that your workforce is in an environment safe for them to work in. However, you shouldn’t stop it at that. You have the opportunity to make sure that the workplace is more than just safe. You could be making steps to dramatically improve their health and wellbeing. Not only does this have a profound impact for them, but it can benefit you, too. A healthy, motivated workforce has obvious benefits to the employer and company. So follow the tips set out below and you will be doing just about everyone a favour.

Employees Welfare
Employees Welfare

Complying to the standards

As we have mentioned, if you are an employer, you have certain responsibilities. The safety of your workers’ environment is the top-most one. As well as for their general wellbeing, you need to take note of this to avoid any legal troubles for you and your organisation down the line. One of the things you need to do, if you haven’t already, is taking a risk assessment of the workplace. Even if the industry is quite a risky one, there are guidelines you need to follow to make sure your employees’ welfare is looked after.

The dangers of long hours at the desk

Anyone who has spent long days during crunch time at the office should certainly have an idea of this. Sitting at the desk for too long can lead to all sorts of problems. If the desk and chair aren’t set up properly, the resulting back pain and repetitive strain injury can be disastrous. At best, it will take them out of work often if treatment isn’t going well. At worst, you could find yourself losing an employee who is no longer willing to cope with the pain. Making the right choice of ergonomic chairs could help you out tremendously with this aspect.

Workers Environment
Workers Environment


Another one of the dangers of working at the desk is the computer screen itself. Eyestrain can lead to a lot of pain and headaches, which may result in days being taken off. The correct use of lighting to complement and remove from the harshness of the screen could do wonders. Lighting is very important to the setting up of a healthy workplace. Besides eyestrain, improper lighting could lead to all kinds of workplace accidents. If you don’t want to find yourself financially responsible for a fall in your property, make sure you get the right lighting installed.

Assess your employees

To avoid any heartache when it comes your employees and their health, you can cut a lot of the surprise out of it. Learning about employees’ health and any issues that may arise can remove some of the sting from the complications that may arise. Occupational Health service providers, Health Assured can help you do just that. An assessment can tell you how fit to work someone is and in what capacity. It can allow you to accommodate the workplace or that individual’s workload to suit their needs. A boss that takes the time to consider the individual needs of their employees is going to earn one loyal workforce.

Accommodate Workplace
Accommodate Workplace

Give them a creative environment

Loyalty is, of course, an important aspect in an employee to a boss. Creativity and motivation can be just as important. Besides looking after their health, try make the workplace as conducive to mood and motivation as you can. Take steps to making the office a more creative environment. It can make your employees feel a lot more satisfied with their working situation. It also promotes creativity, obviously. That creativity could easily be put to use for your benefit.

Spread your attention evenly

Make sure that all your workforce feels valued and respected as colleagues. To do that, it’s important that you take your time to get to know them as individuals. Even if it’s a quick talk in the morning to go over what they’re doing, try breaking down the boundaries between employees and boss. It can make them a lot better at communicating with you and more likely to behave in a way that is trustworthy. When you show your esteem in other people, they are most likely to return the favour.

Encouraging activity

As an employer, you hold the unique quality of controlling several hours within the day of your workers. Use those hours to foster an environment of health and well-being. Do your best to offer healthy eating alternatives instead of junk food vending machines. Try organise or encourage activity in and around the office as well. Give your employees breaks from the computer by giving them tasks that take them on their feet. You can also get involved in health initiatives like Cyclescheme. This provides them with free bikes that can help them get to and from work.

Creative Environment
Creative Environment

Rewarding your employees

Part of making your employees feel motivated is giving them something to get motivated by. It’s easy for an employee to see the idea that they work for their pay cheque. That ideas about the company’s mission statement or success might be an abstract to someone who’s not at the top of it all. Making them realise their responsibility in the grand scheme of things and how they can reward from the company’s success can help. But so can setting up rewards and little bonus schemes. Even cheap or free rewards can do a lot to provide motivation to your employees. It gives them something to aim at, which may be the extra kick that could make the difference.

Offer development opportunities

There is nothing that is going to make your employees care about you and the company more than putting that same care into how you treat them. Offering them development opportunities builds a sense of loyalty. It can foster gratitude for your consideration of them. But that’s not all it does. It’s also how you train your loyal, motivated employees to be key players in the business. The more time you put into them, the better your returns will be. It’s that simple.