Change Your Work Environment For A Healthier Life

Many health risks have been associated with sitting down all day. One study found that sitting too much linked to an early death. This may seem a little extreme, but the main factor is that people who don’t move around enough may start to see their bodies stagnate.

Sitting at a desk all day can also negatively affect your posture. Good posture is important for a number of reasons. Studies have shown that having a good posture can increase your confidence and happiness, as well as prevent back and joint pain.

Working Desk
Working Desk

With that said, it’s important you maintain a good posture at work. You should also find a way to move around and get the blood flowing. This will help you be healthier, happier and move away from a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some simple ways you can change your working environment to help.

Invest In A Good Desk Chair

Desk chairs come in all costs and sizes. However, if you have a bare basic one, it probably isn’t designed to support your posture. It is particularly important for chairs to offer upper back and lumbar support, to complement your posture and prevent back pain.

If you find yourself sitting all day, you’ll want to get a better chair. The Steelcase Leap is an Office Chairs Only favorite for its range of adjustable ergonomic settings which provide posture support. There are also kneeling chairs designed to make you sit up straight, but they may get uncomfortable after a long time.

Good Posture at Work
Good Posture at Work

It’s best to have one of these supportive chairs at home if you sit at a desk a lot. As far as work goes, you may want to talk to your boss or HR department about implementing a good chair, even if it means you bringing it from home. After all, these can help a great deal in preventing future pains.

Consider A Standing Desk

A standing desk is designed to stop you from being too sedentary. Standing up more improves your posture naturally and make you a little more active. Some of these desks are adjustable so you can choose whether to sit or stand.

Some offices are even trying out treadmill desks. These have massive health benefits, letting you exercise at your own pace while you work. One writer who tried a treadmill desk out for a month even called it life changing.

Enjoyable Working Environment
Enjoyable Working Environment

Move Around More

Sitting for long periods of time isn’t great for your health. One of the best ways to counteract this is to get up and move around every now and then.

If you work from home, you shouldn’t have a problem taking a quick break to get some push-ups or star-jumps in. This may be a bit more awkward at the office, but there are more subtle ways you can work out at your desk.

It’s good to work a little bit of physical activity into your day. Even if you just get up to walk around or go up and down the stairs, it will pay dividends for your health and posture.

Use these tips for a more enjoyable and healthier working environment!