5 Ways Security Guards Add Value To Your Business

Security Guards are used in a wide range of industries and primarily function to ensure the safety of your premises. But whilst most people believe that Security Guards value is purely in protecting your property from break-ins, they actually add value in a lot of ways that are often overlooked. If you are considering hiring security for your business premises but are sceptical about the value it will add then keep reading.

Business Security Guard
Business Security Guard


What most people don’t realise is that the physical presence of security guards on a property acts as an immediate deterrent from criminals. You may feel that your premises is not necessarily a target and therefore there is no need for security but it is opportunities like this that criminals look for. Having security shows people that you are protected and gives the impression that if you are willing to pay for security guards it is likely you have other security measures in place.


Hiring a security guard, particularly one that lives in the local area means that you will have access to someone with their ear to the ground. With their knowledge of the area and particularly the people in it, they are likely to have access to information on any criminal activity or plans. This pre-emptive knowledge can help you to better protect your premises in the long term and makes them a valued asset to your business.


One of the easiest ways to show the world that you are a professional working business is to have the right security in place. Having security guards shows that your business has a certain level of value either through your premises or your assets and therefore needs to be protected. Other industry professionals are more likely to take you seriously if they feel that you and your business have worth.

Hire Security Guard
Hire Security Guard

Stock Shrinkage

One of the biggest problems businesses face every year is stock shrinkage and a huge reason for this can be from damage or items being stolen. Depending on the percentage of stock shrinkage your business is suffering from annually you may want to consider hiring security guards. Their job is to not only make sure that employees and unauthorised personal don’t have the opportunity to steal stock but also to protect it. They have the chance to oversee everything that goes on and if they feel there is a reason that your stock is at risk they will notify you.

Human Touch

Whilst there are a number of technological advancements in security for businesses you can’t replicate the peace of mind people have knowing someone is physically there protecting them. Your employees can work safe in the knowledge that at all times of the day they and the premises is under the care of security guards. This not only will boost morale but depending on your industry it can make your business much more desirable to those looking for employment.

Security guards are a valuable resource but it is up to you to ascertain whether you feel your business can truly benefit in the long term.