Friday , 20 October 2017
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The Impact of Reviews on Consumer’s Purchase Behaviour

Positive reviews on your products and services will make your brand to appear more reliable and trustworthy to the customers. Research suggests that positive reviews can influence the buying decision of the customers as well as the amount of the money they spend on your products and services. Hence, your objective should be boosting the reviews as a single positive review is reported to develop ten customers in turn.

Visitors Reviews to Website

Visitors Reviews to Website

Here are things that you should consider:

• It is crucially important for marketers to comprehend consumer usage as well as the attitude of the users towards reviews. As per the prevailing trends, 90% of the buyers refer to online reviews before buying a product or hiring any services. For the majority of customers, product and service reviews are as important as personal recommendations. Almost 95% of the users would opt for your products and services if they are impressed by the reviews on your offerings.

• More than 90% of customers refer to the reviews before visiting the business website.

• You can expect that your business website gets a massive flow of web traffic. This aspiration will only get accomplished if you can impress potential customers with your reviews. As for statistics, 90% of customers check the reviews on the products and services before they visit your business website. They will step ahead to visit your website only if they are impressed with the reviews on your products and services. Hence, before you adopt techniques like SEO and other strategies to boost the volume of traffic flowing to your website, take adequate measures that will boost local business reviews. Once you can impress the customers with reviews, it will automatically boost the volume of traffic on your website.

Reviews on Business Website

Reviews on Business Website

• Buyers are likely to invest 35% more on businesses that feature excellent reviews.

• Research and observation suggest that positive reviews not only influence the buying decision of the customers but influence them to spend more money on your brand if you are featuring excellent reviews for your products and/or services.

• 88% of customers give equal importance to reviews and personal recommendations.

• The opinion of friends and relatives significantly influences the buying decision of the customers. Hence, in instances of buying a product or hiring a service, customers give good importance on personal recommendations.

• Positive reviews will make your brand more reliable to your customers.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

• 75% of the buyers find a business trustworthy and reliable if it is featuring positive reviews. In other words, the better the reviews you receive for your brand and your portfolio of products and services, the more reliable you are to the customers. This is one of the most crucial factors that contribute in building your brand.

The points discussed above suggest the importance of positive reviews in building your brand. A brand with positive reviews easily wins over the trust and reliance of the buyers. This way, you can gain an edge over your competitors, eventually outpacing them. Thus, you need to encourage your customers to review your products and services. Each review from a customer will earn you more customers in turn.

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