Monday , 20 November 2017
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The Startup Guide To Employee Productivity

As a startup owner with a few staff, it’s vital that you get everything you can out of your employees. Productivity is one of the most important factors of becoming a success. However, given that it is likely you aren’t paying them a competitive wage, or that you have much to offer right now, it can be a tough task. So, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the things you can do to ensure your staff are pulling their weight, and going that extra mile for you.

Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity

Attracting the right team

First of all, it’s vital to consider who you are hiring if you want the best people. Be upfront about your expectations – some will run a mile, but others like working in the high-pressure environment of a startup. Think about how you can compete with things like wages and benefits. Obviously, you won’t have a lot of money to throw around, but you can still create a tempting package. Equity in the company, for example, can help your prospective employees focus their minds. The more success you get as a company, the greater their reward.

Dangling carrots and rewards

All startup owners tend to dangle carrots in front of their employees. However, there is a difference between saying they will be rewarded and actually rewarding them. It’s important to show that your staff will get their just desserts, and keep your word. False promises will soon help a rot set in, your employees will lack motivation, and will quickly look elsewhere.



Health, safety, and discipline

You will also have a lot of HR issues to deal with, even though you are a small startup. People will expect to work in a safe environment, and it is your responsibility to give it to them by law. You may also have serious issues to deal with, such as absence, slacking on the job, or people letting you and the team down. Human resource software can help you start tracking absences, or you could outsource to a third party to hand over the HR reigns. Don’t underestimate how important this can be – especially within small teams. If people feel they are working hard while others slack off, they might start to feel it isn’t worth it.


We went into this before a little, but communication is essential for any business. If you want to promote productivity, it’s a vital tool that will help you get what you need. Have an open door policy so that employees can tell you about their problems. Listen to people, and make sure that everyone knows their responsibilities. If everyone is reading from the same page, it will lead to a more productive workplace.

Good Communication

Good Communication


There will be long days and nights ahead of you as a startup. So, it’s vital that you can motivate and boost the morale of your employees. Switch up tasks and teams to keep things fresh, and keep your meetings on point and brief. Encourage creative ideas, and listen to people who have something to say. Even bringing in a few beers at the end of a long day can help make your employees feel appreciated.

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